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Black Superhero

Royal Court

Jerwood Theatre Downstairs

Writer Danny Lee Wynter

Director Daniel Evans

Set Designer Joanna Scotcher

Costume Designer Kinnetia Isidore

Lighting Designer Ryan Day

Sound Designer Tingying Dong

Video Designer Iain Syme

Movement Director Gerrard Martin

Intimacy Director Yarit Dor

Voice and Dialect Coach Salvatore Sorce

Photographer Johan Persson

What also lifts it is Joanna Scotcher’s inspired set which revolves around Ryan Day’s lighting design, whose poetic effects almost upstage the script: sets are built around plays of light with reconfigured scenes emerging out of momentary blackness. - The Guardian

The relatively simple monochrome set comprised of diamond shapes comes to life with Ryan Day’s lighting design, and in the second act a cascading waterfall of sand creates a stunning look. - Theatre Weekly

These moments are made captivatingly surreal by design from Joanna Scotcher and Ryan Day; a moment towards the end at which sand cascades from the ceiling is cinematic and visually stunning. - Evening Standard

Kinnetia Isidore and Ryan Day use costume and lighting to create a superhero motif on stage to which David is attracted and sometimes engages Reviews Hub

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